Wednesday, April 20, 2022

(Not So Classic) Wrath of the Lich King


 I've been looking forward to the Wrath of the Lich King announcement, certainly more than the announcement of the next regular expansion.

I thought it was stunning though, to have the immediate announcement that there would be no group finder in Wrath because "the community" didn't want it.  What?  Who on earth did they send those Wrath surveys out to? The groups that charge for dungeon runs?

Not to anyone trying to get a dungeon group together.  I'd be fine if it came out later in the expansion as it originally did.  

I am enjoying playing this older version of the game partly to see it all unfold as it originally did.  I think it gives a perspective in real time of the changes made to the game over the years.  Maybe things were better, maybe they were worse.  But you get to see those changes.

Suddenly, they've hit a mark where it doesn't have to be the way it was.  It will be the way "the community" says they want it.

I also find the suggested changes to the Barbershop somewhat disturbing for the same reasons.  Eep, are they going to use the new facial models?

So this morning, very early, I'm thinking maybe I'm done with Classic once Wrath comes out, because it won't be classic at all. 


  1. In our guild, the discussion centered on "if they're not going through with the LFG tool, then they'll have to do something about the server imbalances". If you take the three lowest pop servers in NA --ours is one of them-- and combined them, it still wouldn't match the size of Atiesh. And I've been told my friends who created toons on Atiesh to check it out that you can actually find groups for Classic dungeons there, as opposed to either boosts or TBC requests.

    1. So the answer is Git Gud or gtfo to a more populated server. I don’t see my family group starting from scratch on another server to be able to get in dungeon groups. My son likes to just queue for dungeons rather than questing, and he’s really bummed by this. If we lose him, there goes even the family dungeons on weekends. We shall see what my spouse thinks.

    2. I'm thinking that there will be server merges. There pretty much has to be, given how Myz and the other two low pop servers are getting smaller by the week. The only other thing I can think of happening is that Blizz locks down the top servers and "encourages" people to get off somehow.

    3. I’m fine with server merges. Or free character transfers.


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