Monday, September 13, 2021

My First Holy Priest Deadmines Run, TBC

 My family has not worked together at all, so my desire to run through the Deadmines with them has been thwarted.

Girding my virtual loins, I saw a group forming while in Westfall with another character, and asked if my level 20 Holy Priest could join.  Yes, indeed.

I'm so proud. I've never played a Holy Priest spec at all, only Discipline and Shadow.  I had her prepped with the best armor and potions I could send her in with. 

No wipes. No deaths.  It was smooth!  Onwards.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Retro Reads


I continue to play on the Burning Crusade Classic version of World of Warcraft.  It's just a more interesting game than anything I've played in a long time.  I often find myself thinking it's a better game than the modern version.

There I was this evening, reading blog entries from my sidebar, and I noticed Priest With A Cause talks on her sidebar about trawling through the archives.  So I time traveled back to 2009 where the blog began and was fascinated by the posts on the new Dungeon Finder which came in with Wrath of the Lich King.

Then I hopped over to a couple of other blogs and went back to their beginnings.  Tome of the Ancient ponders the incoming Cataclysm.  Blessing of Kings advocates for Paladins.  Parallel Context is completely For The Horde.  Not All Hunters considers his favorite things about the Hunter Class as well as its challenges. 

I'll be doing a lot more reading, but it seems as if many blogs began in the Wrath of the Lich King era.  Interesting.  Some blogs don't present their archives, which is a shame.  

I am of course most curious about the Classic and Burning Crusade eras, since that's the material we're working through.  All I have to do is read through blog rolls for inactive but archived blogs.  


Saturday, August 7, 2021

Screenshot Saturday August 7, 2021

 I'm only playing TBC these days, so don't hope for any shots of my characters finally dropping into the Maw to finish Maldraxxus.  Not for a long while is my guess.

The Burning Crusade Classic is a freaking TREASURE CHEST.  There is treasure everywhere.  From the chests you find, to getting cool armor or weapon drops, or just sauntering along the coastline near Auberdine and finding crates of food or barrels of milk.

Fishing!  All of the fish themselves are fun, plus, when used in a recipe, their useful stats seem to double.  I love fishing in game.  There are those floating debris with goodies.

I'm moving my rogue forward and am working on Lockpicking.  I managed to get her to Lockpicking 90 at Alther's Mill. Then no more xp for it.  You can see she got bored.

While working on cooking for another character, I had to go to Silverwind Refuge near Astranaar for the Expert Cooking Book.  Bonus round!  The Water Elementals there drop Bubbling Water which gives 874 mana.  In stacks of 20, if you can believe it, instead of the torturous stacks of 5 everything else comes in.  Useable for Level 15. Perfect for Dungeon Runs, right? I've got four stacks :)

  Also as you see, there were Alchemy recipes, of the type that only appear sometimes.  I lurked and got them all.  Now I'm going to find all the juicy recipe locations and send my Feral Cat (Level 30, Not Atheren) around to get them.


The same cat came across a wandering Ghoul in Westfall, and he had a nice two handed sword  called Ghoulfang.

Spot the cat in travel form among the golden grasses of Westfall.

Only my spouse will know the reference as I tag this next picture "up pops the devil, hardy hi"!

Speaking of...we've been working in Stranglethorn.  We use open mic and while it's a good communication device for coordinating in game, if someone (not me) is crabby, shall we say, well things go awry.  That's him in the grass.

This has led us to work solo for a bit, and while I can take a level 38 Tigress with my level 34 Retribution Paladin, it's not workable.  I'll have to gain levels somewhere else.

I also found you can't outrun piles of crocs and panthers, nope, you're going down.

In any case, I'm pleased with my main Druid, and leave her to sleep somewhere nice whenever I can.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

TBC Dreaming of the Dungeon Life

Good thing my family (except my spouse) doesn't read my stuff.   I'm trying to encourage everyone to get to level 18, and let me know what character they'd like to use for a dungeon run in that family favorite, The Dead Mines.  Then I can use my crafts and looted items I've saved back to help them be ready.  I love doing this stuff.

Hmmph.  My husband is cooperative but everyone else...

I created a sheet to look as much like the "paper doll" character sheet in game and asked everyone if they'd fill it out for me for their dungeon character.


Doods.  My spouse gave it back right away.  The others, zippo.   Maybe if I'd put their character pictures in the middle?

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A Pleasant Evening In Burning Crusade's Azeroth

 My Warlock is level 34 after this evening's adventures.  I keep reading about others who are "re-living the experience" of Classic and The Burning Crusade, but none of us ever experienced this game this way.


Everything is useful or it makes you precious silver when you sell it.

My Warlock has been trying to clear her quest log.

She finished up a quest in the Arathi Highlands at Northfold manner, but couldn't get to the Whitebark tribesmen for the next quest.

Somewhere recently I thought I saw that there was a ship to Theramore at Menethil Harbor.  I nver have checked to see where the other boat went because I was busy getting from here to there.

Not only did it go to Theramore, but I could do the quests there.  I do recall Theramore and Duskwallow Marsh from my early days.  I really like the place.

I also needed to get to Ratchet for two Warlock quests long in my quest log.  After checking the route (righto, just travel along the shoreline north from Theramore to Ratchet), I started riding along the shore.

It went well at first, then there were Defias 4 levels over my head, then Murlocs also over my head.  Since my husband swam all the way to Ratchet  (or someplace) from somewhere or other to get fishing training, I hopped in the water. How nice is the "Unending Breath" Warlocks have for just such an adventure?  It's actually 10 minutes, but is easily refresh-able.

By the time there was anything aggressive in the water, the mobs were much lower level than my girl.

All along the way, there were pools of Oily Blackmouth galore, and bits of fishing debris with Light Rumsey Rum and cases with treasure.  I got nearly 40 Oily Blackmouth, and advanced my fishing skills immensely.

It was so relaxing, with the ambient music, and the lapping of the waves.  I could have fished all night!

When I finally arrived in Ratchet, the two NPCs there with quests asked me to go to Ironforge for one, and a choice of Darkshore and Duskwood with the other.  Sheesh.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Baby's First Dungeon: Wailing Caverns


We're really enjoying The Burning Crusade, Classic.

It's more challenging and immersive than the current day game, which I haven't been playing at all.  I don't think any of us have.

We're kind of gliding along.  Leveling.  La la la.

Just need my son to level his tank and we can start dungeons.

However.  Who knew you can do a Who search by level on your server to see what classes are online that could fill your dungeon group?  (My son says he saw a streamer do it.)

That would explain how my Resto Druid in the making got a tell while finishing up her day to TANK the Wailing Caverns! I said no, she's Resto.  Actually offered my level 21 Warrior, but no taunt.  In retrospect should have offered my level 30 Ret Paladin.  Didn't occur to me.

Somehow, poor Atheren ended up tanking the Wailing Caverns for four hours.  We did finish.  Lots of deaths. All red armor.

The key was a super patient and super nice group of people with the Paladin who led us and healed us being an awesome leader.

Tanking As a Bear

I've ended up in pugs tanking with every class that could tank, over the years.  Can't hold aggro worth sheet.

In this case, holding aggro was, I felt, the only thing I could do well.  Except, there's a ten second cooldown between hitting mobs with your taunt, which means you have to wait it out while a group attacks.

Swipe is the only skill that looked like it did any damage.  She's level 19 going in, remember.  Swipe hardly ever pops up so there's Maul...

No skills, no prep to tank, in any way.  How did we make it through?

Even worse, I'm not the only unprepared one, I gave all my mana milk to the Paladin who had none.  So mana issues for him, quite a bit.  Wish I had Innervate!

Wish I'd been level 20 and had Rebirth!  Agh!

I've been working with my husband's Mage quite a bit lately, and the mana users love love love his endless supply of mana and foods.   I can see now why everyone wants a Mage in their group. 

The Hunter's Gun broke then he ran out of ammo.  Lesson: bring a spare weapon and an extra load of ammo.

Load up on potions and mana drinks!

I keep going over the whole thing in my head.  Obviously one of the things I'm doing is assessing what I could have done differently.  Start with saying no to Tanking with a character you haven't built as a tank!!!

Stuff happens, however, so just in case, have a go bag with all the things noted above, plus those Maple Seeds needed for Rebirth.

Beware of Druids of the Fang who are stuck in the ground.


In summation: No more tanking for Bear Atheren, soon to be Feral Cat Atheren, anyway.  Unless its a family group.  Our family, that is.

I'm thinking more requests could come for my unsuspecting characters just because most people are in the Outlands, except people with alts, or those returning to The Burning Crusade era that they really enjoyed.  Unless word gets around, lol lol lol.

I do feel bad for people trying to get groups together for the Classic dungeons.  Still.  Four hours in a Wailing Caverns that has little resemblance to the Wailing Caverns I've been through dozens of times.

Won't be getting over this soon.  Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Are You Sure?

 Before the Internet went out this morning I managed to get Atheren into Burning Crusade Classic.  There are multiple confirmations that you want to play The Burning Crusade version, and I can't imagine anyone "accidentally choosing the wrong mode.

At login

 Choose Burning Crusade Classic above then confirm again here.

Confirm by Character (will need to do for each one) on Character Screen

Type in Your Character's Name in the box to give final confirmation you want this character in The Burning Crusade Classic.

Foolproof, Right?

My First Holy Priest Deadmines Run, TBC

 My family has not worked together at all, so my desire to run through the Deadmines with them has been thwarted. Girding my virtual loins, ...