Monday, December 27, 2021

No Worries, No Level Scaling

 Atherne is having the best time on Argus. Joking.


Somehow I thought I could whip through the quests there and get, as it turns out, A Light Forged Drenai or Void Elf, not a Dwarf. Oops. 

I really disliked Legion and did not pay attention to details.

As it turns out, Atherne is whipping through stuff, as everything is 45-47 and she's 57.

Even a truly awful dungeon, Seat of the Triumvirate, I've never been in before was easy for her.  A boss and ten adds?  Poof!


Even so it was a pain.   And now I'm to fight Antorus?  I should check, maybe she doesn't have to go in there.

My reputation is now only Honored with Argus so we'll be in Blizzard's version of Hell, before they came up with Shadowlands, for a bit longer.

I feel the need to stroll through TBC's Dustwallow Marsh to cleanse my palate.

Character Go Round

 I've been immersed in The Burning Crusade Classic server since June, and there's no slowing down there.  Only my husband has a character who has reached and gone through the Portal into Hellfire Peninsula.  He's level 61.

The rest of us are tooling along, with my own two highest being a Warlock and a Hunter, both at 46.

The game remains endlessly fascinating.  There is also this thing, for me, that because I didn't do these quests, and live in this world the first time through, I mean to prove myself, playing through all the characters and classes as the changes come to the world in the form of new expansions (I hope) so that I can see the classes evolve and get good at all of them. Always the goal.

The only things I keenly wish for from the present day game are more mailboxes and more flight paths.  Also, I really wish the Dwarven District in Stormwind had a bank, a mailbox and an auction house.  I think I read it doesn't get it till Cataclysm.  That's crazy.

Even so, I've popped into the Shadowlands era of the games a few times lately.  On Blackwater Raiders, I've begun moving people on to Ardenweald, but of course they need to pop into the Maw for a bit, then finish Maldraxxus.  Only my Monk so far had a tough time in the Maw.

Somehow, it occurred to me today that they had changed things so I could add a 13th character to my 12 on Blackwater Raiders.  Following my example on TBC, I made a new Hunter, a Kul Tiran, of course.

This girl is exciting not just because new characters are always fun, but because she gets to be the one who gets all of the Achievements, large and small, a character can get.  I'm going to have to keep her from over leveling  all of the starter area quests.  Must not take anything that would toss her forward to the fabled shores of Boralus.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It must be possible still to make your way through the whole world as you used to be able to do.  We shall see!


Shockingly, to me, I am now going to work on getting the other Allied Races.  I'm farthest along towards getting a Dark Iron Dwarf.  I had to get a quest from Khadgar in Dalaran to start the sequence.  Luckily, I did do much of the work towards the You Are Now Prepared achievement which will move me further along.

I never liked Argus, and am surprised I got this far.  Atherne, ever the lead on BWR is working on this achievement.  If I need help, I'm going to be in trouble, as the nearest character level wise who could help is 32.  

Atherne at Arrrgghhhhus


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Design Remix

 Hi I'm just playing around with the design of the blog. Can't quite get it right.  Hang in there.

Maw Walkers

With all of the interesting things added in 9.1.5, in particular the new druid forms, I'm back dabbling in the Shadowlands.  I love the Ravens, specifically, and would not want the "moth" form, ever.  Here are the previews from Icy Veins.

As you'll recall, my Blackwater Raiders characters, all 12 of them, have been Konga-lining their way through the content.

In the past, I sent Atherne, my Feral Druid, ahead of everyone else.  Some characters eventually caught up, some got left way behind.

I had a thought of sending Atherne ahead again here, just to do the content. But no, with this group, this server, it's no character left behind.

Everyone finished Maldraxxus except for the part where they leap into the Maw, then they go browbeat Baron Vyraz.

I've now done three : Druid, Priest, Mage.  My Monk is the current girl, and she was doing great till she got to "The Brand". She's died twice.  Oof. Why such trouble?  It's his rumbling ground junk, I'm sure.

Here's the order in which they move forward:






Demon Hunter




Death Knight





Monday, October 18, 2021

Nothing to See Here

 Just me again, thinking I'll make Google feel more secure if I only post from my laptop, and I should post more frequently, then it will all be good.  

Later on a brief dungeon report. The family did a dungeon last night, yes, that flavor favorite the Deadmines.  The last time we tried, we only had four people and two were under the level of the dungeon.

Last night, everyone was at or above level, so we made it past the Goblin Foundry (a snare last time) and all the way to the end after a couple of deaths to Greenskin (I think that's his name.)  

Har! Here's the (names redacted) picture of us with Van Cleef dead. Screenies or it never happened!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

I'm in!

 Lots of warnings about critical suspicious activity, but really, Google it's just me.

Just to include a picture, here's my pal Antonio Perelli who wanders all the way from Lakeshire to Darkshire, allowing you to sell your loot.  It would be nice if he also had a few snacks.

Monday, September 13, 2021

My First Holy Priest Deadmines Run, TBC

 My family has not worked together at all, so my desire to run through the Deadmines with them has been thwarted.

Girding my virtual loins, I saw a group forming while in Westfall with another character, and asked if my level 20 Holy Priest could join.  Yes, indeed.

I'm so proud. I've never played a Holy Priest spec at all, only Discipline and Shadow.  I had her prepped with the best armor and potions I could send her in with. 

No wipes. No deaths.  It was smooth!  Onwards.

No Worries, No Level Scaling

 Atherne is having the best time on Argus. Joking.   Somehow I thought I could whip through the quests there and get, as it turns out, A Lig...